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    Stories (not all company related) from people who worked at the company, many of whom worked there for over 25 years.

    Artist and illustrator - Harry Wingfield read here,

    Apprentice days - Ted Richardson read here,

    A view from Works Office - Ted Richardson read here,

    "The Copper Kettle" - Ted Richardson read here,

    A Sales Perpective - Roy Spencer read here.

    Life in the Drawing Office - Keith Watkins read here.

    An Impression - Keith Watkins read here.

    Marketting Matters - Allan Preston read here.

    Export Experiences - Alun Christopher read here.

    Canal Cruise to Walsall Power Station - Roy Spencer read here.

    Crabtree MB45 an ill-fated project - Roy Spencer read here.

    My Life at Crabtree's - Andrew Noakes read here.

    The 'World of Work' at Crabtrees - Mary Baker read here.

    An Uncanny Coincidence - George Denton read here.

    My Crabtree Story by Mike Blakeway can be read here.

    Frank Everton, by his wife, and sent by nephew Derek Everton can be read here.

    James Calmeyer, Chief Executive Officer of Crabtree (South Africa), over here on a visit to the Electrium head office in Cannock, and the events of the day are told here, by Edward Richardson

    My Crabtree Story by Sam WHITEHOUSE can be read here.

    for more information contactmailto:info@thecrabtreesociety.co.uk